Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dec. of Independence: Overrated?

As horrible as the title of this blog probably sounds, it is important for us all to remember that the Declaration of Independence (as a document) was seen in a very different light by its contemporaries than it is today. During the Second Continental Congress, while delegates were debating the issue of independence, a committe was created to draft the document. Several senior members (including John Adams and Benjamin Franklin) did not want the chore of drafting the declaration, so the task fell to the youngest member: Thomas Jefferson.

I find it interesting how much the image of the Declaration of Independence has changed over the years. Today we see the declaration (justifyably so) with awe and reverence. This simply wasn't the case during the colonial years. Attached is a great video that Brad sent me that I believes illistrates how awe inspiring the declaration has become in modern times:


Brad Hart said...

I think it is also worth noting that John Adams (throughout his life) believed that the 4th of July should not be the day of nation-wide celebration. He also believed that Thomas Jefferson received more credit than he deserved. As obsessed as Adams could get over his legacy, I bet he wished he would have taken the assignment of writing the declaration!

Brad Hart said...

It is also worth mentioning that the Declaration of Independence was seen as very bland in the eyes of the Founding Fathers. They all thought that it would be a simple footnote to history. No wonder they make the youngest delegate (Jefferson) write it. Who wanted to be stuck with that task? Bet they all think different now!

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