Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ron Chernow's Newest Project

The highly acclaimed historian/biographer, Ron Chernow, has announced his newest project. Chernow has decided to write an unprecedented biography of George Washington, which should be one of the most comprehensive biographies of "the father of America" ever written. With the impending completion of the Papers of George Washington, to which Chernow has been given unprecedented access, this book will be one to remember.

Chernow is best known for his biography of Alexander Hamilton, which is arguably the most comprehensive biography ever written on the man. Chernow is very well-known and respected for his detail-oriented approach to writing. "Chernow spares no expence and cut not corners when it comes to his research," stated David McCullough. "When it comes to the nitty-gritty of doing research, nobody is better than Ron [Chernow]."

The date for this soon-to-be masterpiece is still yet to be determined (which is common of Chernow, due to his intense research style). I for one am willing to wait. If this book is anything like Alexander Hamilton, the wait will be well worth it!


Brian Tubbs said...

Is Steve's "Washington diary" part of this?

Lindsey Shuman said...

I sure hope not!

David Mabry said...

Uh,wait, I recall reading in his intro or foreword that Ellis had access to these papers when they were being compiled for his biography of Washington, which besides Freeman's multi-volume epic work, I consider that best that I have read.

Anonymous said...

Chernow is one of the best biographers of business titans. But more than just biography is the way he makes the era come alive. This was the great appeal of House of Morgan. So, the book that he should write is the definitive study of the Vanderbilts. Its all there: wealth, greed, cunning, the Gilded Age, vast spending through three generations, etc. Many have tried but no one would succeed like Chernow. Or, he could take on the McCormick family. Three generations of Reaper King wealth and all the extravagance, foibles and madness. The family has left copious information about themselves and lots of photos. It would be a great story !!

Peter Wolf