Friday, May 9, 2008

David McCullough's Next Book

Renowned historian, David McCullough, has revealed that his next book will be a history about Americans in Paris. As a young man, McCullough spent several years living in Paris, an experience he claims was very "impressionable." McCullough has been a long-time fan of French history. His fascination with France has made him ask the question, "what did the first American visitors to France think about their experience?" After all, France has been the cultural center of western civilization for hundreds of years. This new book will examine how Americans who visited France were impacted, and how that experience influenced them upon their return home (I'm sure we will see a large portion of the book dedicated to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson while in France).

The book is not due out until 2010. McCullough, who just signed a new contract with Simon & Schuster Publishing, is said to also be working on a sequel to 1776. Here are a couple of links to this story:

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