Saturday, June 28, 2008

Myths of History

Jon Rowe, a fellow blogger over at American Creation, posted this video in response to an ongoing debate we are having. Though the video is a little bizarre, it does shed light on an important issue. The ongoing battle between true history and popular culture can often cause many Americans to succumb to a number of half-truths and myths regarding our nation's founding. After all, the founding fathers have become virtual demigods that it is almost impossible to shake the myth away from the truth. Weather these myths take the form of Washington chopping down a cherry tree or Jefferson standing as a stalwart supporter of Christianity, the fact is that these myths pollute our TRUE heritage, which, in my opinion, does not need the help of Christian Nationalists in order to appear grand. The truth is always better than fiction, especially when it comes to our nation's founding. If we continue to categorize our founders as legendary demigods we will never be able to appreciate their true greatness. After all, people are never impressed when demigods accomplish greatness. It is expected. But when normal human beings with with flaws, vices and blemishes accomplish something great, humanity rejoices. Such is the case of our founders. These were imperfect men and women that accomplished greatness. So instead of accepting the legends, fables and myths of popular culture, let us strive to learn the TRUE history of our nation's founding, even if it doesn't sound as nice as the popular culture/myth version.

Now that I have finished my rant, enjoy the video:


bpabbott said...


Nice rant! ;-)

I've an OT question.

How do I mute your site's music? It is impossible to appreciate Newdow's lyrics, as they are drowned out by the tempo'd revolutionary sound track ;-)

Brad Hart said...

Yeah, sorry about the music. The music player is clear down at the bottom of the page. Just click the pause button and it will stop.

Actually, I think that it is time for me to remove the music. You are FAR from the first person to comment on it.

BTW, this video is over at American Creation. We've engaged in a pretty good debate on it.

Carly said...

Excellent post!
As another example, it's because of staying true to what actually happened in history that I firmly believe that July 2nd should be Independence Day, not July 4th.