Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Day

Being that today is Martin Luther King Day, I thought it appropriate to mention him on this blog. Though the American Revolution precedes him by almost 200 years, the contributions, legacy and memory of Martin Luther King can be tied to many of the ideals of the revolution itself.

In his most famous speech, which is arguably one of the greatest speeches in American history, King mentions the Founding Fathers as "the architects of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence," and how they had signed a "promissory note" that guaranteed equal rights for all citizens. Though paying homage to the legacy of the Founding Fathers, King does not shy away from mentioning that America (and the Founders indirectly) had "defaulted" on their promise of freedom.

Though this speech relates specifically to the 1960s Civil Rights movement, I think it would be unwise to negate the role of the American Revolution, and its ideology of freedom and slavery. After all, these ideals shaped future events for generations to come.

Here is King's "I Have a Dream" Speech:


Lindsey Shuman said...

You are 100% correct. King's legacy is tied to that of the Founding Fathers (and other people throughout American history) because he was fighting the battles they never finished. Slavery and racism have permeated much of our history as a nation, and King's efforts to bring about change had to essentially battle 200 years of the status quo.

I agree that his legacy is, very much, linked to the American Revolution and other parts of American history.

Brian Tubbs said...

Good points, Brad and Lindsey