Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Founding Faith

There seems to be a never ending stream of books and debates on the topic of religion and the Founding Fathers. You would think that after literally hundreds of books on the topic that we would be able to come to some kind of logical conclusion on the matter. I guess that the constant debating on this very important issue is indicative of just how important of a role our Founding Fathers continue to play in modern America, and how various groups (specifically religious and secular) use the Founders to justify their motivations.

Though there are literally hundreds of books on the topic, I wanted to mention one I came across the other day called Founding Faith by Steven Waldman. Waldman is a very respected editor for the website This book argues about the issue of religious freedom in America (for a more complete review of this book I recommend that you visit the Religion in American History Blog).

I mention this book here because it has already received mixed reviews from the historical community. It is another wonderful chapter in the ongoing Founding Fathers/religion debate.

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Brad said...

Sounds like a good one. Thanks for the info.