Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama's "More Perfect Union" Speech

As we are all aware i'm sure, Barack Obama has encountered some recent criticizm for his choice of churches. His pastor, Jeremiah Wright, has been scrutinized for a number of comments he has made in various sermons over the years. In response to such criticizms, Barack Obama gave a very powerful speech on the ongoing race problems that have plagued our nation. I decided to post this on our website because the early parts of his speech center on the Founding Fathers and on the early roots of this nation. It contunues to amaze me when I consider the fact that our founder's legacy is still very much with us.

Obama's notion that the legacy of the American Revolution and the Constitution are "stained by this nation's original sin of slavery" has been a constant source of debate and argument in almost every corner of the historical, religious, political and public communitites of this country. It is an issue that inspired Americans over the centuries from Lincoln and Douglass, to Martin Luther King.

Whether or not you support Obama is not my concern in this posting. I simply wanted to present yet another angle to the ongoing debates that span the entire history of our nation.

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Brad Hart said...

If you'd like to read a VERY heated discussion on this issue, go to the "Religion in U.S. History blog." Here is the link: