Monday, March 31, 2008

Review of John Adams: Episode #4

Here is yet another installment in the saga that is John Adams. After last week's lackluster episode, which fell dramatically short of the excitement exhibited in episodes #1 & #2, I was hoping and praying that the series would return to its roots. Though episode #4 (entitled "Reunion") was still somewhat slow and even a little boring, I have to give kudos to HBO for bringing a personal element of the Adams Family to life. Regardless of all the letters between the couple, no historian could portray the longing and affection that was shared between John and Abigail Adams. Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney's performances in this regard were outstanding (in my opinion). Their ability to recreate the reunion of the couple was very impressive.

I was also intrigued by how the series portrayed the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and the Adams Family. Again, I think HBO did an excellent job in this regard. John and Abigail's trip to Britain was also very well-done.

As I have stated so many times, my main problem with this whole miniseries has been the fact that it moves far too quickly, and as a result, too much history is omitted in the process. I wish that HBO would have focused on a particular part of the Adams story instead of skimming the historical surface of his life. I also found myself somewhat disappointed with the depiction of George Washington's inauguration. Don't get me wrong, it was very powerful, but I wish that the scene would have been better developed. I felt like it was simply thrown together. Again, it must be that the history is moving way too fast. With all that said, however, I must admit that I am thoroughly enjoying HBO's production. Special kudos to Laura Linney in her portrayal of Abigail Adams. I think she has been spot on throughout the film.


Greg R said...

Just ran across this site and I am enjoying the content. One question, is there any way I can turn off the music when I go to the site? Thanks!

Brad said...

Yes there is, Greg. At the very bottom of the page is where the music player is located. Just hit the pause button and it will stop.

Thanks for checking out the blog! We hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave us a comment if you like.

Brian McDermott said...

I totally agree with your suggestion that it should have just focused on one element of the John Adams story and done that in rich historical detail. I think you get a much better feeling for characters, time and place that a rushed job through the long life of one man. Let's be honest, a book is better for telling that story.

I thought that Stephen Dillane (as Thomas Jefferson) was impressive, and I'm looking forward to seeing Rufus Sewell's take on Alexander Hamilton.

Greg R said...

Thanks. I was hoping for a way to default the music not play when I visit the blog. I sometimes forget and flutes start playing, not a good thing when I'm reading at work. : )