Friday, February 29, 2008

Gordon Wood on the Origins of the American Republic

I've been looking for a video clip of Gordon Wood for months and finally found one! Here in this clip, Gordon Wood addresses an audience of European scholars in Hungary. He explains the origins of the United States, the Constitution, etc. This is a must-see video. Wood provides an in-depth view of the current historiography of the American Revolution. Gordon Wood is arguably the foremost historian of the American Revolution, so give this video your undivided attention.


Lindsey Shuman said...

Excellent video. I watched it all and plan to watch it all again very soon. This is the best video that has been posted on this blog. I just love Gordon Wood. He is THE historian of the Revolution.

David Mabry said...

I have long held the belief that if there is a god-like figure of scholarship on the American Revolution, it is Gordon Wood. Last year I applied to the Gilder Lehrmann Institute for one of his seminars for teachers but was not accepted. I am going to keep trying. If there is one scholar I would like to meet, it is not McCullough, but Wood.

Brad said...

I agree 100% with David. Wood is THE scholar. All other historians/authors of this period are 2nd tier compared to Wood.

I have also wanted to meet Wood on various occasions. If he ever comes to my University, or a neighboring one, I will camp out to hear him!

Lindsey Shuman said...

I agree...Wood over any other...except maybe Appleby or Nash.

Raven said...

Gotta love Gordon Wood!

victor said...

very nice things i agree with you ,,

thanks ,,

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