Monday, February 18, 2008

What Happened to George Washington's Day?

Well, here we are at "Presidents' Day." How in the world did we get this holiday? By federal law and according to this holiday's original purpose, we are supposed to be celebrating the birthday of the Father of our Country, George Washington.

What happened?

In my opinion, we should reject Presidents' Day by removing George Washington's Birthday from the Monday Holidays Act. We can force Americans to remember this day for what it's supposed to be by putting the holiday on Washington's birthday itself (according to the modern holiday).

Since people will still want to say "Presidents' Day" (since it's caught on in pop culture and it rolls off the tongue easily), then perhaps we can declare January 20 as being "Presidents' Day" (it being Inauguration Day).

What do you all think?


Brad said...

I agree with you Brian. If Columbus and MLK have their own day then sh should Washington. That doesn't seem like an unreasonable request at all.

Brad said...

Some people detest the idea of MLK, Columbus, or anyone else having their own day. To be honest, I think we should give all of our great historical figures their day. When it comes to remembering our history, this country could use all the help it can get!

Brian Tubbs said...

I agree with giving worthy historical figures their day, plus I like the idea of more holidays. :-)

Lindsey Shuman said...

Guess what Brian? I COMPLETELY agree with you! I've often thought the same thing. This is Washington's day!